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October 2000

Dear Friend,

I am happy to inform you that 2000 was another successful year for us. AKSRC has been instrumental in arranging various projects including Dr. Kurebito Tokusu's  (the Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) visit to Alaska. In 2000, the Center published several popular articles in the local newspapers and two research monographs related to Alaskan and Siberian issues in professional journals. Our key publication Tales and Legends of the Yupik Eskimos of Siberia was well received by the specialists and by general public. The Center also was contracted to consult and to translate for the State and Federal governments on Russian affairs.

Currently, our projects include an editing of Ancient Legends of Kamchatka (96 Kerek, Koryak and Itelmen stories) and translation of Ancient Legends of Nganasans of the Taymyr Peninsula with Dr. Henry Michael of the University of Pennsylvania. These projects are scheduled for publication in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Please let us know whether or not your institution would be interested in taking part in some of these projects.

In 2000, the Center received various donations and contracts from government agencies and private citizens. This support helped us to continue our work and make our contribution to the studies of Alaska and the Russian Far North. Please renew your membership for 2000 and do keep in touch with us or with any of our members, directors and sponsors.


Alexander B. Dolitsky
President, AKSRC

September 1999

Dear Friend,

In the year 2000, the Alaska-Siberia Research Center will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Bill Ruddy, Robert Price, Johne Binkley and Alexander Dolitsky established the Center in April of 1990. The purpose of the Center has been to conduct and to facilitate research, and social and scientific exchanges for Alaska and Siberia regions. The Center's productive and thorough undertakings have benefited many agencies and citizens of both regions.

From 1990 to present, the Center has hosted the following scholars in Alaska: Dr. A. Derevyanko, Dr. T. Chernysheva, Dr. R. Vasilyevsky, Dr. L. Laricheva, Dr. I. Aseev, and Dr. Boiko from the Institute of History and Archaeology, Novosibirsk, Russia; Dr. V. Tishkov, Dr. S. Arutyunov and Dr. N. Zhukovskaia from the Institute of Ethnology, Moscow, Russia; Dr. P. Kuzmin from the Institute of Oceonography, Moscow, Russia; Dr. A. Marchenko, Vice-President of the Moscow State University, Russia; Dr. Igor Krupnik from the Smithsonian Institution, USA; Dr. Marek Zvelebil, S. Anderson and P. Jordan, Dept. of Prehistory of the University of Sheffield, England; Dr. P. Plummet of the University of Quebec, Canada; Dr. R. Hamayon, Dept. of Theology of the Sorbone University, France; Dr. J. Hahn, Dept. of Political Sciences, Villanova University, USA; Dr. H. Michael, University of Pennsylvania, USA; V. Peskov, journalist, Moscow, Russia; S. Panchekhin, Political Counselor, Russian Embassy in Washington D.C.; Sieglende Schuler, Quebec City, Canada; and other specialists.

The Center has conducted collaborative projects with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Alaska Department of Education; University of Alaska; Alaska State Legislature; U.S. Coast Guards; U.S. Department of Interior; U. S. Forest Service; Smithsonian Institution; The Southern Center of International Studies in Atlanta; Klukwan Forest Products, Inc.; Alaska World Affairs Council; and many other agencies and private individuals.

From 1990 to present, the Center has published 10 research publications which had been distributed worldwide (about 8,000 copies), 3 research articles in the scientific monographs, and nearly 10 popular articles in the local newspapers. Our publications, workshops, and presentations have been well received by the agencies and the public. In 2000, the Center is going to publish the Fairy Tales and Myths of the Asiatic Eskimos and, in 2002, the Fairy Tales and Myths of the Peoples of Kamchatka. 

In the last 10 years, the Center has significantly broadened its network; nearly 200 individuals and institutions support our organization. As a result of your continuous support, our research credentials are well established, our financial status is stable, and the future is clearly determined. Your support has helped us to continue our work and to make our contribution to the Studies of Alaska and the Russian Far North. Please renew your membership for 1999 and do keep in touch with us, our members, directors, and sponsors.


Alexander B. Dolitsky
President/Chairman, AKSRC