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Lend-Lease Memorial Project

Lend-Lease Award
Proposed Design
About the Sculptor

Based on his design, the Alaska-Siberia Research Center has asked internationally renowned artist Mihail Chemiakin to submit a proposal for the Lend-Lease Memorial.
Chemiakin's sculpture will consist of a ten-foot long sword descending from the heavens, its hilt made of the three blades of an airplane's propeller. The sword's point is in the process of breaking a shield emblazoned with a swastika, in the grasp of an allegorical dragon symbolizing the evil of Fascism. The dragon is reclining on a thirteen-foot high granite pedestal decorated with both abscract and figurative bronze and granite elements representing war, resistance, heroism, and US-Soviet wartime cooperation. While the central sculpture will be identical at all seven sites, each individual pedestal will be decorated with elements reflecting the history of Lend-Lease at each site, including names,.maps, events, and local imagery.